A New Direction

IIt’s time for a new direction. There is no silver bullet that will address the array of challenges facing independent pharmacies today. But it is possible to change the tone and the focus of the debate over the role of independent pharmacies in our evolving health care system. In particular, it is possible to help policymakers better understand the impacts of pharmacy related decisions on patients, on the quality of care that they receive and on the costs associated with those decisions.

In this spirit, please consider joining our effort by becoming a part of the Texas Independent Pharmacies Association (TIPA). TIPA is not a pharmacy cooperative. Membership in TIPA is open to any independent pharmacy regardless of which wholesale pharmaceutical distributor they buy from.

The dues structure is similar to what you have encountered with other pharmacy organizations, except that the total dues are one half of what you have probably been paying. By becoming a member of TIPA, a pharmacy is agreeing to pay as annual dues an amount equal to one twentieth of one percent (.05%) of all RX purchases. This amount is collected monthly at the wholesale level, matched by the participating wholesale distributor, and then remitted to TIPA to fund our efforts.

TIPA’s sole goal and primary focus is to help reframe the perception of independent pharmacy at our State Capitol. Independent pharmacy means better patient care, and better patient care means a more efficient and cost effective health care system. Independent pharmacies are part of the solution—not a part of the problem—to controlling health care costs.

Please join today!